Fruitful feedback

We had a feedback session with Kenichi who gave me much needed direction. He helped me map out my story better and now it seems I have a stronger plot. Masego has also been helpful in molding my story better. Admittedly, I was really nervous to discuss my first draft. My palms were sweating, heart was pounding and the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t stop fluttering.  But once we got into it, I was reminded that this is a learning process.The criticisms from both my mentor and peers were honest and constructive.

I walked out of the meeting with the feeling that my first draft was actually only a small part of the story I want to tell. And I’m determined to tell it as truthfully as I can. My new main character is someone I met earlier in my exploration of Mayfair. His story has an element of danger and mystery. Something I previously thought I should steer clear of.

Later in the day, I shot the first part of my video with Masego and Boipelo. Kerwin and Rico were awesome subjects and cooperated with us as much as they could. As for the team, we had some stressful moments but we pulled it together and finished strong. Overall it was a hectic Monday with many highs and lows, but hey its all part of the adventure that is in depth..




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