Hectic schedules leave my research in the slow lane

I was meant to have shot the second part of my video on Wednesday night but one of my interviewees couldn’t make it to the shoot plus it was raining cats and dogs in Joburg so I had to cancel the shoot. Feeling a bit frustrated and anxious because I didn’t want to have to shoot in the week of the 19th, I wanted to only edit footage.

I’m still awaiting the JMPD to respond to my questions.

There’s been a bit of a snag in my story, with the guys not having attended the drag races on Sunday, their car wasn’t ready yet, but I think it was a strategic move. The crowds during the festive season are larger and they spend more. But hey I’m no expert. I’m beginning to realize that the subculture has a lot more entrenched into it than just chest beating egos and fancy gadgets in a car. There is a whole economy attached to the movement and while some spend at the drags others make money from it.

My group members have all been struggling with various elements of their projects but we’ve been Dr. Philling each other. Its awesome having people that you can stress, share ideas and debrief with. #DreamTeam


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