Video drama

Today was a bad day. I had an interview arranged for my new video shoot and one of my interviewees told me he can not make it. As a result I’m only interviewing the race master today.Its quite difficult to work with other peoples time- a humbling experience to say the least. I’m stressed out and I’m having anxiety attacks.

Zaheer told me that my previous footage was “ugly”, strange because it got deleted before he could see it. Hmm. Nonetheless we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Back at the ranch… I am submitting my reflexive essay tomorrow and working with Ruth on subbing my feature to make it ready for online. I’m excited about making progress, at least in some regard because it feels like every time I take one step forward, I take one step back. Maybe I chewed off more than I could handle. But the In depth show must go on.


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